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Using mControl with Sharepoint or WSUS services

mControl v3 web clients (Editor, Mobile) do not work if Sharepoint and/or Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) are installed

Background: If you are using Windows Sharepoint or Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) on the same machine as mControl v3 is installed, the default installation of mControl v3 must be modified to operate properly with the new IIS application configuration.


If Windows Sharepoint and/or Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) are installed on your machine, settings relating to application pools may be affected, and mControl web apps may no longer operate, resulting in a 500.19 error - which will look like this:

To overcome this you must start Internet Information Server (IIS) and navigate to the Application Pools, then the mControl v3 Application Pool and set the Enable 32-bit applications to *TRUE*.

This issue is discussed in general here:

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