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Tekniska Byrån
10-31-2008, 10:46 AM
The driver has switch, dim, shade, thermostat, music and scene modules for control of KNX devices.

You can find more information at the following page

or optional PDF
www.tekniskabyran.se/tekniskabyran/Eng/products/mControl/mControl_DriverKNX_1.0.pdf (http://www.tekniskabyran.se/tekniskabyran/Eng/products/mControl/mControl_DriverKNX_1.0.pdf)

You can download the driver and try it out.
In trial/demo mode you have function 5 minutes since last restart of the mControl Service and you can only use the address 15/7/1. As soon as you have tested it you can license the product via the license utility installed at the start menu.

You can download it directly here...
www.tekniskabyran.se/tekniskabyran/Eng/products/mControl/MControl-EN_download.asp (http://www.tekniskabyran.se/tekniskabyran/Eng/products/mControl/MControl-EN_download.asp)

The manual is included in the driver package but you can download it and read about the functions etc.
www.tekniskabyran.se/tekniskabyran/Eng/products/mControl/KNX_Driver_1.1_-_Manual_eng.pdf (http://www.tekniskabyran.se/tekniskabyran/Eng/products/mControl/KNX_Driver_1.1_-_Manual_eng.pdf)

Tekniska Byrån
10-31-2008, 11:45 AM
To check mControl with KNX Driver you can read and test according to the document below.

http://www.tekniskabyran.se/tekniskabyran/eng/products/mControl/Example test setup for KNX Driver 1.1.pdf

It shows how to set up the basic modules (Switch, Dimmer) and how you can in a easy way control your functionality.

03-24-2009, 05:17 AM
Does your KNX driver work with the ABB KNX IP gateway, IG/S 1.1 ?

Is the communication protocol you are using KNXnet/IP ? This is an industry standard so I expect that the communication (packets exchanged) are exactly the same whether it is siemens, ABB or any other vendor. Is this valid?

Do you need that ETS software to setup you KNX over IP network? Or all I need to buy is:
1-KNX dimmer
2-KNX IP Gateway
3-Mcontrol with KNX driver

Thank you

Tekniska Byrån
03-24-2009, 08:07 AM
ABB KNX IP gateway, IG/S 1.1 will work with KNXnet/IP.

Yes, the communication is the exactly the same and independent of vendor.

You need the ETS software to set up KNX products.

1-KNX dimmer
2-KNX IP Gateway (preferably a interface (without KNXnet/IP routing) which are cheaper and cost almost the same as USB or RS232)
3-Mcontrol with KNX driver
4- and ETS

03-24-2009, 10:27 AM
preferably a interface (without KNXnet/IP routing)

which interface can we use?

03-25-2009, 05:17 AM
Thanks for your reply, this clarified several issues. I will be attending a KNX training soon so I get good expertise on this matter.
I was trying to download the demo of the KNX driver, when I click the download button i get:
"Failed to Connect"
"Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at"

Can you please provide an alternative download link?

thank you

Tekniska Byrån
05-19-2009, 08:12 PM
Please note that the application needs .NET 1.1 framework which usually not is installed by default in Vista.

Beside that this can cause the application to work properly, it can affect proper uninstall (error 2753).

You can download Windows Installer CleanUp in order to un install the application.

Please notice that you need .NET 1.1 installed.
http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=262d25e3-f589-4842-8157-034d1e7cf3a3 (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=262d25e3-f589-4842-8157-034d1e7cf3a3)

Tekniska Byrån
06-30-2009, 02:21 PM
If you have difficulties regarding download you could try for example;





...But please checkout the recent version at